London Energy

In March 2017 I started to create a series of photographs which captured the speed and hustle and bustle of London – the London Energy.  My first excursion for this project was a walk from Shoreditch, Spitalfields Market and Brick Lane to Borough Market via London Bridge.

B Market
Borough Market
DSC_0668 (2)
London Bridge Looking East
DSC_0618 (2)
Waiting for the Train

I was walking on the Southbank by the Royal Festival Hall, I looked up and saw this girl in a striking outfit look out over the Thames.

London Model #2
Yellow Lady
1) London - CJ Train
Sunlight at Clapham Junction
1) London - Cyclist
Eyes on the Road
1) London - Shoreditch High Street
Waiting for the Train at Shoreditch High Street
Clapham Junction Railway Station is the Busiest in Europe
2) Colour - Graffiti
Shoreditch Personified; Fixie and Graffiti

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